24option review

24option review

24option is one of the world’s biggest binary options traders. Due to partnerships with soccer giants Juventus Turin and Olympique Lyonnais and tennis legend Boris Becker, it is also one of the most famous brokers. In our 24option review, you learn if it is also one of the best brokers.

In our 24option review we will take a look at these characteristics:

  • Can you make money with 24option?
  • Can you trust 24option?
  • Which special features does 24option provide to make your trading easier and more profitable?

In the end, you will know whether 24option is the right broker for you.

24option review – Features

Let’s look at 24option’s most important features one by one.

Begin your trading careeer with up to 88% returns at 24option!.

High payouts of up to 88 percent

With binary options, there are two factors that determine how much money you make:

  1. The quality of your trading, and
  2. The payouts you get.

The first point, the quality of your trading, depends on you. With a little experience and dedication, you will achieve a good enough quality to make money.

The second point, the payouts you get, is out of your hands. If your broker offers you bad payouts, all the effort you make to improve your trading will be in vain – you can’t win.

Luckily, 24option offers the high payouts that allow you to make money by trading binary options. With payouts of up to 88 percent, you only need to win 53 percent of your trades to make money. This is especially significant since binary options offer only two predictions about what can happen – prices can rise or fall. With two outcomes, even investing randomly would allow you to win 50 percent of your trades – just like a coin flip.

If you trade in the upper range of 24option’s payouts, even slight improvements to this value will be enough to make you money. Such a setup is ideal for new traders and traders who want to maximize their profits.

Government regulated broker – 100% safety

Do you want your new broker to be 100 percent trustworthy? Then 24option is ideal for you. 24option is regulated by the Cyprian Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), which enforces the European Union’s Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), which regulates financial institutes.

Among other things, the government regulation guarantees that 24option offers safe banking options, a fair trading environment, and an honest overall business. Simply put, the CySECs oversight guarantees you that your money is safe with 24option and that you can make money by trading with 24option.

If you are living outside the European Union, you nonetheless profit from 24option’s government regulation. 24option has to fulfill all regulation requirements unconditionally, regardless of where its customers are from.

Mobile trading apps for Apple and Android

If you want to trade on the go, 24option is the ideal broker for you. Offering mobile trading apps for Apple and Android Devices, 24option allows you to take your trading with you wherever you go.

Both 24option’ Apple and Android apps offer a trading environment similar to the online trading platform. Any trader will immediately feel at home, intuitively finding the right assets and the right option types, making quick decisions and accurate investments easy.

With the 24option app, you can trade wherever you are. Whether you are stuck in a boring meeting, waiting for your girlfriend, or standing in line at a grocery store – as long as you have an internet reception or Wi-Fi, you can turn any waiting period in a profitable trading opportunity.

Compared to brokers who only offer only trading platform this is a great advantage. On a beautiful day, you can even take your trading to the park or the beach. What could be better than relaxing and making money at the same time?

To get the 24option app, all you need to do is open the App Store or the Play Store. Search for 24option, and download the app. It will automatically install to your phone. Click the link we provided for you, and register your account with 24option, and you will be able to start trading within minutes.

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Education center for newcomers, intermediate traders, and advanced traders

For binary options traders, the learning process never ends. The more you know, the better you can trade, and the more money you can make. Having a broker that is willing to support you through this process can be one of the greatest assets to a trader’s career.

24option is committed to helping their traders grow. Offering an education center with dedicated areas for newcomers, intermediate traders, and advanced traders, any type of trader can find the perfect type of coaching that helps them take the next step in their trading career.

  • Newcomers can learn the basic of binary options and how to handle the 24option trading platform. What is a binary option? How do you trade binary options? What types of binary options are there? If those are the questions you have, 24option’s education center can help you find answers.
  • Intermediate traders can learn how to create a successful strategy, which types of trading strategies exist, and how to find the right strategy for them. If you want to learn how to create the right basis for long-term trading success, this section can be ideal for you.
  • Advanced traders: Advanced traders can learn how to fine-tune their strategy to make more money. If you have found a basic strategy that works for you but want to keep improving, the 24option education center can be perfect for you.

Regardless of which stage of your trading career you are currently going through, with 24option you have a broker that is dedicated to helping your maximize your profits and your potential.

High profile partners

In addition to its government regulation, 24option has more proof for its trustworthiness. With Juventus Turin, Olympique Lyonnais, and Boris Becker, some of the most respected high-profile partners from the sporting world have given 24option their approval by partnering with them.

These types of partnerships are the results of thorough consideration. None of these partners want to be associated with an untrustworthy business. The damage that such an ill-advised association could do to the high-profile partner’s image is huge and could potentially cost them millions.

The fact that Juventus Turin, Olympique Lyonnais, and Boris Becker partnered with 24option proofs that they and their lawyers considered such an event impossible – a sure indication of the broker’s trustworthiness.

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Binary option types

One of the great advantages of 24option is their selection of binary options types. In addition to offering four high-class, high-potential option types, 24option provides high yield version and regular version of each option type.

  • High yield options include more risk but offer higher returns, making them ideal for risky binary options traders.
  • Regular option types include less risk but also offer lower payouts, making them ideal for risk-averse traders.

With these added variations, 24option greatly increases your chance to vary your strategy. At any time, you can decide whether you expect a small movement and should use the safer, low-payout version of the option type, or whether you expect a far-reaching movement and can maximize your profits by using the high-yield version. Compared to brokers that only offer one of these variations, you can trade more precisely and maximize your returns.

In detail, 24option offers these binary options types:

  • High / low options: predict whether an asset’s price will rise or fall over a given period of time. Also available as above / below options with a further away target price.
  • Short-term options: A variation of high / low options with extremely short expiries from 30 seconds to 300 seconds.
  • One touch options: Predict whether or not the market can reach a certain target price. Also available as a high-yield version with a further away target price.
  • Boundary options: Predict whether or not the market will leave a certain price range. Also available as a high-yield version with a further away target price.

With these binary options types, you are perfectly prepared to take advantage of any trading situation. You can use these options types in combination with 24option large selection of assets. 24option offers assets in four categories:

  • Stocks,
  • Indices,
  • Currencies,
  • Commodities.

In each category, 24option offers enough assets for any type of trader.

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If 24option is the right broker for you, you can get an account by following these simple steps:

  • Click on the link we provided for you. It will take you to the 24option website and the sign-up form.
  • Fill out the sign-up form and click submit. By completing this step, you have already created your account. This step is easy, and there is little you can do wrong. Just make sure that you choose the right currency for your account – you can’t change it later – any you will be fine.
  • Fund your account. To start trading, you need some money in your account. Use your credit card, your online payment provider, or bank transfer to fund your account. As soon as the money is booked to your account – which will happen immediately with credit cards and online payment providers – you can start trading.
Begin your trading careeer with up to 88% returns at 24option!.

If you fund your account via credit card or online payment provider, the entire process should take you less than five minutes. After that, you can start trading your way to financial independence.


Our 24option review can conclude that this is a 100 percent trustworthy binary options broker. With a great selection of assets, innovative variations of classic binary options types in addition to all the classic, and an all-around well-thought-out service, 24option has a lot to offer for any trader.

Additionally, 24option offers an intuitive, quick-to-learn mobile app that allows you to trade your trading with you wherever you go. With a dedicated education center with specific content for newcomers, intermediate traders and advanced traders, 24option also offers you the perfect environment to grow and continually improve your trading.

If you want to get started with 24option, click the link we provided for you.