BinaryOptionRobot Review

binaryoptionrobot review

BinaryOptionRobot is a unique binary options broker. In our BinaryOptionRobot review, you learn how BinaryOptionRobot’s unique features can make you money. Features such as:

  • For you, BinaryOptionRobot is completely free.
  • BinaryOptionRobot can automate your entire trading process – make money while you sleep.
  • With BinaryOptionRobot, you can make money from the start of your trading career – there is no need to lose money on rookie mistakes.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it isn’t. BinaryOptionRobot has convinced traders with their service for years now. In this article, BinaryOptionRobot review, you will learn how you BinaryOptionRobot can help you, and whether or not BinaryOptionRobot is right for you.

BinaryOptionRobot review: What can BinaryOptionRobot do for me?

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Try the only 100% free robot on the market - BinaryOptionRobot.

BinaryOptionRobot can help binary options traders in three simple ways:

  • BinaryOptionRobot analyzes the market for you.
  • BinaryOptionRobot finds profitable trading opportunities for you.
  • BinaryOptionRobot automatically invests in these trading opportunities.

To understand how BinaryOptionRobot does that, think about the basics you know about market analysis. On short time frames, the market is free of fundamental influences. Whether or not a company is doing well can only explain price movements over years, but over the time of a few minutes or hours, it is unable to explain why the price is rising or falling right now.

To make up for this disadvantage, traders have invented technical analysis. The basic premise of technical analysis is that the current market price reflects all the information you need to know. By understanding which price traders are willing to pay for an asset and at which price they are willing to sell, technical analysis can make accurate predictions about what will happen next in any market environment.

On these short time frames, the market is exclusively influenced by supply and demand. A large fund might try to buy a larger position in an asset by trying to buy a few assets every time the price is currently low. Technical analysis allows traders to recognize these patterns and profit from them.

For this purpose, technical analysis has established a wealth of rules. All of these rules are based on exact mathematical predictions, which makes it possible to translate them into a computer program. Instead of having your brain execute these rules, BinaryOptionRobot executes them for you.

Why do I need BinaryOptionRobot?

For binary options traders, BinaryOptionRobot has a number of advantages:

1.       It allows you to trade better. Technical analysis is supposed to be emotion-free. As human beings, we all have certain feelings about an asset, and these feelings can be tough to ignore. Often, they influence us subconsciously, without us noticing it. Because of this subtle influence, a machine can perform technical analysis better than a human being. By letting BinaryOptionRobot trade for you, you can make more money than by trading yourself.

2.       It allows you to trade more. As a human being, there is a limit on how much time you can invest in your trading. For BinaryOptionRobot, these limits do not apply. BinaryOptionRobot is perfectly fine with monitoring your selected assets for 24 hours a day, making sure that you never miss a profitable trading opportunity, thereby increasing your returns.

3.       It makes your trading easier. Aside from the profitability aspect, BinaryOptionRobot also makes your trading a lot easier. Instead of having to spend multiple hours per day analyzing the markets, gathering data, and making complex decisions, you only need 5 minutes to check your settings.

4.       It saves you money on mistakes. We all make mistakes. Especially new traders have to go through a learning phase where it will be impossible to avoid rookie mistakes, possibly costing them a lot of money. With BinaryOptionRobot, you can avoid these mistakes. You can start your career with a well-developed strategy, and you can be sure that you never make a mistake, violate your trading strategy, or let your emotions influence your trading.

Combined, these four advantages make your trading easier and more profitable. While saving time, you eliminate the things that only cost you money and maximize the things that make you money – the ideal set up.

Why is BinaryOptionRobot special?

BinaryOptionRobot is not the only binary options broker in the world.

As we have pointed out, binary options robots can make your trading a lot easier and more profitable. Consequently, many traders assume that these programs are expensive and hard to get – and in most cases, this is true. BinaryOptionRobot, however, is different.

For you, BinaryOptionRobot is 100% free. Instead of charging you with the fee, BinaryOptionRobot passes the fee on to your broker and your broker will pay the fee for you. With this genius idea, BinaryOptionRobot has opened the world of binary options robots to everyone.

So far, binary options robots were only available to traders with enough money. Excluding most newcomers, this approach strangely left those who needed a robot most out in the cold. BinaryOptionRobot rights this wrong.

By letting the broker pay the bill, BinaryOptionRobot moves the costs to the party that should pay them. After all, all brokers want your business. Why shouldn’t you sign up with the broker that’s willing to pay for your robot? The customer deserves a little courtesy, and it is a great thing that BinaryOptionRobot breaks with the old customer-unfriendly ways.

Despite being free for you, BinaryOptionRobot offers a high-quality service. You can easily win enough trades to make money with BinaryOptionRobot.

If you want an easy, efficient, and high-potential start to your trading career, BinaryOptionRobot is the perfect robot for you.

How do I trade with BinaryOptionRobot?

Trading with BinaryOptionRobot is incredibly easy. Even newcomers can handle BinaryOptionRobot securely without any trading – if you can start your computer, you can handle BinaryOptionRobot.

All you need to do to trade with BinaryOptionRobot is log in to your account and adjust your settings according to your preferences. You can adjust these options:

  • Assets to trade: BinaryOptionRobot works with plenty of currency pairs. From big currency pairs such as the EUR/USD or the GBP/USD to smaller pairs such as the NZD/JPY or the AUD/CAD, in the BinaryOptionRobot backend, you can select which assets you want the robot to trade for you and which to exclude from your trading.
  • Investment per trade: The amount you want BinaryOptionRobot to invest in a single trade. This is the only setting you have to adjust over time. We recommend investing a low percentage of your overall account balance per trade, at best 2 to 5 percent. As your account balance increases, you can increase your investment per trade; if you go through a losing streak, you have to decrease your investment per trade.
  • Max. daily trades: You want to start small? Then you can set a limit for how many trades you want BinaryOptionRobot to make on your behalf per day. By setting a low number here, you can ease into the trading process with BinaryOptionRobot, making sure that you have chosen the right settings.
  • Daily stop loss: Another security feature, the daily stop loss allows you to stop trading after a number of lost trades. If BinaryOptionRobot has hit a losing streak, you can cancel trading until the next day, when BinaryOptionRobot should have better luck again.

You can set all of these settings from the BinaryOptionRobot backend. You do not need to download any software or install something on your laptop or mobile device – the entire service works entirely independently.

How can I get BinaryOptionRobot?

If BinaryOptionRobot is the right robot for you, you can get it by following these easy steps:

1. Click the link we provided for you.
It will take you to BinaryOptionRobot’s sign-up form.

2. Fill out the form; click submit.
It only requires very basic information.

3. Register with one of BinaryOptionRobot’s partner brokers.
To get a broker to pay the fee for you, you have to register with one of BinaryOptionRobot’s partners. Luckily, all of BinaryOptionRobot’s partner brokers are highly respectable, 100% trustworthy brokers, and you can confidently choose any of them to start your trading career.

4. Configure your account.
Now you have a trading account and an account with BinaryOptionRobot. All you need to do now is to configure the settings in your account. Select which assets you want to trade and how much you want to invest per trade and activate your robot.

Once you have finished this simple process, you can lean back. BinaryOptionRobot will now trade for you.

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Try the only 100% free robot on the market - BinaryOptionRobot.


Our BinaryOptionRobot review can conclude that the robot is the ideal broker for new traders. Offering a unique service, BinaryOptionRobot provides new traders with distinct advantages that make their start easier:

  • Start trading for free.
  • Automate your trading.
  • Make money from the start.
  • Get more free time.

It is almost impossible to find a service that offers a better relation of risk to reward than BinaryOptionRobot. Without having to pay a single Cent you can find a service that leads you to financial independence.

This offer is too good to pass up. If you want to get started with BinaryOptionRobot right away, click the link we provided for you.