CherryTrade Review

Cherrytrade review

CherryTrade is one of the most innovative binary options brokers. With options types such as ladder options and iFollow options, newcomers and experienced traders can find the perfect tools to maximize their profits. In our CherryTrade review, you will learn:

  • How to use CherryTrade’s innovative tools to maximize your profits.
  • Which tool is right for experienced traders and which is right for newcomers.
  • How to get a CherryTrade account.
  • Which additional CherryTrade features can maximize your profits?

With this knowledge, you will be able to decide whether CherryTrade is the right broker for you. Read our CherryTrade review here:

CherryTrade review – Features

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Ladder options allow for payouts of up to 1,500 percent payouts

CherryTrade has added a unique new trading style to their options: ladder options. Allowing you to trade more accurately and make higher profits, ladder options are a great tool to help you increase your profits.

Ladder options are based on a simple principle. Much like with high / low options, you can predict whether the market will rise above or fall below a certain target price over a given period of time. The difference between both options types is that high / low options force you to use the current market price as a reference point, while ladder options allow you to choose from a number of different target prices.

Not having to use a fixed, CherryTrade’s ladder options allow you to open up your playbook. To understand the possibilities, let’s start with a simple example: An asset is trading at a price of $100, and you are predicting a significant upwards movement.

With high / low options, you would invest in rising prices and get a payout of about 70 to 80 percent.

With ladder options, however, you can make a more nuanced prediction, which increases your payout. CherryTrade offers you four target prices to the top of the current market price and one below the current market price.

You could, for example, predict that the market will rise above the first target price, which, in this example, would probably be somewhere around $100.10 for an expiry of one hour. Often, this prediction already increases your payout to 200 percent and more, sometimes even to 500 percent and more.

If you are expecting a strong upwards movement anyway, this is a relatively safe prediction to make, but it will nonetheless more than double your payout. Depending on how strong of a movement you expect, you might even be able to use a higher target price, which would increase your profits even further.

In this way, ladder options allow you to trade the same predictions as high / low options but can multiply your payouts significantly. Consequently, ladder options are a great tool for any binary options trader. Unfortunately, only very few brokers offer this great tool. CherryTrade is one of the few brokers that does offer ladder options and the perfect broker to get them.

Additionally, you can also use ladder options to profit from resistance and support levels. If the market is currently trading at $100 and you see a resistance at $99.95, you can use the target price below the current market price to predict that the market will close above this price. This is another relatively safe prediction that should allow you to win an easy trade you could not have won without ladder options.

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iFollow options allow even newcomers to make money immediately

If you are new to binary options, types such as ladder options might sound frightening to you. Luckily, CherryTrade offers the perfect alternative: iFollow options. iFollow options allow you to copy the trades of successful traders automatically. If trader you follow makes an investment, the investment will automatically be copied into your account.

With iFollow options, you can skip the years-long process of having to master analyzing the market and can skip straight to making money. Instead of having to invest sweat, blood, and tears and a lot of money, you can jump straight to the end of the process and simply import the knowledge of a successful trader.

Using iFollow options is as simple as it could be. In their trading platform, CherryTrade list all of their available traders with the traders’ success rates. You choose the traders you want to copy, select for how long you want to copy them, how much you want to invest per trade, and how much you want to invest overall.

From then on, CherryTrade will automatically copy these traders’ investments into your account. A trader has predicted that oil will rise over the next hour? Using your predefined investment settings, CherryTrade will copy the trade into your account.

As soon as your trading time limit expires or you reach your maximum investment amount, CherryTrade will automatically stop copying the trader’s trades.

With this system, you can easily profit from another trader’s expertise while having a strict control over your risk. For new traders, iFollow options are a dream come true. You can automate your trading, and you can trade more profitable.

Intuitive trading platform

While CherryTrade’s trading platform combines more binary options types and assets than most other brokers offer, it remains easy to use and quick to understand.

The CherryTrade trading platform is structured in the simplest way possible. At the top of the platform, you can select the option type you want to invest in. Once you have made your selection, you can select the details of your option in the window below.

  1. First, choose your asset. You will see the asset’s price movements in the price chart below.
  2. Select your expiry and your investment amount.
  3. Click the direction you want to invest in.

That’s it. Even complete newcomers will understand this intuitive system immediately. If you want to try the platform before you sign up, click the link we provided for you and switch to CherryTrade home page. Scroll down, and you find a fully functioning demo of the trading platform. Without an account, you can’t invest yet, but you can try all the other functions.

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Deposit bonus for even the smallest accounts

When you first sign up with CherryTrade, you get a present. Depending on how much money you deposit into your account, you get a part of this money extra – for free. If you deposit $6,500, for example, you will get a 70 percent deposit bonus. That means, for every Dollar you deposit, CherryTrade will give you 70 Cent extra – for free.

While bonuses are quite common in the binary options world, the special thing about CherryTrade is that they also offer a bonus on small investments. Even if you deposit only $200, CherryTrade will pay you a 10 percent bonus. Compared to other brokers, who often reserve bonuses for traders who deposit $1,000 or more, CherryTrade helps those traders who need cash the most get a little better starting position.

If you are short on cash, getting the additional boost you need to start your trading career can be one of the most significant reasons to choose CherryTrade over all other brokers.

If you can afford a larger deposit, Cherry Trade’s bonuses will nonetheless help you to boost your career. In detail, CherryTrade offers these bonuses:

Minimum deposit Account type Deposit bonus
$200 Classic account 10 percent bonus
$2,500 Pro account 35 percent bonus
$6,500 Gold account 70 percent bonus
$50,000 VIP account 50 percent bonus
$100,000 Corporate account 30 percent bonus


As you can see from this table, CherryTrade’s bonus system has certain steps that are worth considering. If you are planning to invest $2,400, for example, you will qualify for the classic account and the 10 percent bonus, which would result in a final account balance of $2,640.

If you invest only $100 more, however, you will get the pro account and the 35 percent bonus, which will result in a final account balance of $3,375. Compared with the $2,400 investment, the extra $100 have increased your account balance by $735 – a 735 percent gain.

To avoid missing out on this gift, choose your investment wisely.

Mobile trading apps allow you to trade in the go

Offering apps for Android and Apple devices, CherryTrade puts you in the perfect position to take your trading with you wherever you go. All you need to do is get an account by clicking the link we provided for you, filling out the signup form it will take you to, and downloading the app from the App Store or the Play Store. Within 2 minutes, you can be set to start trading from wherever you are.

Asset and binary options types

The great strength of CherryTrade is their selection of binary options types. Offering a number of unique tools that can greatly increase your profits, CherryTrade has the right option types for newcomers and experienced traders.

In addition to offering the two highly innovative binary options types ladder options and iFollow options, CherryTrade also offers all the classics that traders have used and loved for decades. With CherryTrade, you also get:

  • High / low options,
  • Pair options,
  • Long-term options,
  • 60 seconds options,
  • One touch options.

These options types provide every trader with the perfect tool to execute their strategy. If you are looking for a broker with a versatile, highly profitable selection of binary options, there is no better option than CherryTrade.


If you want to increase your profits by trading with CherryTrade’s innovative binary options types, here is what you need to do:

  1. Click the link we have provided for you. It will take you to CherryTrade’s sign up form.
  2. Fill out the form, and click submit. Now you have an account with CherryTrade.
  3. Deposit money with CherryTrade. You can use a credit card, debit card, or wire transfer.

Once you have completed these steps, you can start trading with CherryTrade. The entire signup process should not take longer than five minutes.

Join one of the most trustworthy brokers - CherryTrade!.


CherryTrade is one of the very few brokers that offers a great service to new traders and experienced traders. In our CherryTrade review, we have concluded that:

  • Newcomers can use CherryTrade’s high deposit bonus to get a head start and then use iFollow options to trade their way to binary options success and financial independence automatically. Such a system is an incredible offer, and it is difficult to see why anybody would pass it up.
  • Experienced traders can use CherryTrade’s first-class selection of binary options trades to make more money than they could with any other broker. By using ladder options instead of high / low options, experienced traders can multiply their payouts.

Regardless of your level of experience, CherryTrade can greatly benefit your trading. If you want to give CherryTrade a try now, click the link we have provided for you.