StockPair Review

stockpair review

StockPair is a unique binary options broker, learn all there is to know about the broker in our StockPair review:

  • StockPair offers two binary options type that you can’t find anywhere else.
  • StockPair focuses on European and North American assets.

Combined, these two reasons make StockPair the perfect broker for some traders, providing them with investment styles and opportunities to make money that they could not find anywhere else. If you want to trade European and North American stocks, indices, and currencies, StockPair might be an ideal broker for you.

In this article, StockPair review, you will learn the details of StockPair’s unique service, helping you to decide whether or not StockPair is the right broker for you.

StockPair review – features

StockPair offers a number of unique features that separate the broker from all competitors. Let’s look at these features one by one.

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Most pair options of all brokers

As the name StockPair indicates, StockPair specializes in a specific type of asset: pair options. Pair options put an interesting twist on conventional binary options types. Instead of having to predict whether the price of a single asset will rise or fall, pair options allow you to compare two assets in relation to each other, predicting which asset will outperform the other over a given period of time.

In currencies, pair options are common. Since $1 will always be worth $1, the price of one currency can only be measured in another currency. We can for example say that $1 is worth EUR 1.20 today and was worth EUR 1.22 yesterday, which allows us some insight into how the Dollar developed.

Technically, all conventional assets are pair options, too, relating the value of an asset to the value of the currency of your account. Since your currency’s value is fixed for you, however, this technicality remains useless to you.

With StockPair’s pair options, you get the chance to relate two assets directly to each other. Do you think that Facebook will outperform Google today, or that silver will outperform gold? IQ Option is one of the very few brokers that allows you to trade this prediction.

With this new approach to pair options, StockPair offers you a new world of trading possibilities. There are mainly three new situations that pair options allow you to trade:

  1. Low volatility markets: So far, low volatility markets were the enemy of every binary options trader. Lacking the power to create significant movements, predictions in these markets were difficult. With pair options, you can make an investment even if you are unable to predict whether a specific asset will rise or fall. All you need to know which asset will perform better than another asset. Even low-volatility markets allow for these predictions.
  2. Uncertain markets: Sometimes, it is difficult to predict whether an asset will rise or fall, but it is easy to see that a related asset will perform better or worse, regardless of what happens. For example, the current VW emission scandal has dragged down the company’s stock. If it is difficult to predict whether the stocks will rise or fall today, it is nonetheless often easy to see that Daimler and BMW will do better. By investing in this prediction or similar predictions about an asset under pressure in relation to its competitors, you can win a high percentage of your trades.
  3. Trading the news: Sometimes, news affect the entire market, for example unemployment numbers. In almost every case, however, there are some assets that will be affected more than others. If you know that good news is about to be released but are unsure whether this news is good enough to fulfill the market’s expectations, you would be in a dilemma with conventional binary options types. With pair options, however, you can invest in the prediction that one asset will be less affected than another, thereby allowing you to win a trade.

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Innovative new binary options type: KIKO options

While pair options are already a great innovation, StockPair wanted more and invented KIKO options. KIKO is short for knock-in/knock-out, which indicates how this option type works.

KIKO options define two target prices, one above the current market price and one below the current market price. You have to predict which target price the market will reach first. This price becomes the knock-in price, the target price you did not predict becomes the knock-out price.

Now, two things can happen:

  • The market reaches the knock-in price first: In this case, you win your option.
  • The market reaches the knock-out price first: In this case, you lose your option.

The important thing to understand about KIKO options is that they have no expiry. The option will run for as long as necessary for the market to hit either target price.

In many situations, KIKO options provide you with the perfect option type to increase your profits. Let’s imagine, for example, that an asset is trading for $100 and that you have good reason to assume that this asset will not fall below $99. There could be a support line or a trend line, a moving average, or any other reason that allows for this prediction.

With high/low options, this prediction is difficult to trade – there is still room for the market to fall. Similarly, there is no good reason to invest a one touch option, which would require a strong upwards movement.

With KIKO options, however, you can turn this prediction into an almost certain winning trade. All you need is a KIKO option with a knock-out price of below $99, and you can be sure that the market will not reach this price anytime soon. Consequently, you can sit back and wait for the market to reach the knock-in price, which will win you your option.

Government regulation guarantees your safety

Do you want a guarantee that you can trust StockPair? Then government regulation is exactly what you need.

StockPair is regulated by the Cyprian Securities and Exchange Commission, which enforces legislation made by the European Union, mainly the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID). This legislation guarantees that you are dealing with a legitimate business when you sign up with StockPair.

The European Union’s regulation guarantees that you will always get honest prices, secure banking, and all the features that allow you to start a successful trading career – your success is entirely up to you.

Even if you are living outside Europe, the positive effects of this legislation applies to all traders, regardless of where you are from.

Simple, quick, and free payments

Great binary options brokers offer more than innovative binary options types – they also convince with attention to detail. StockPair does exactly that by offering you payment options that could not be more convenient and customer-friendly, making it easy for you to deposit and withdraw money.

StockPair offers these payment options:

  • Credit card/debit card: Credit card deposits and withdrawals are free. Additionally, deposits are booked to your account immediately.
  • Online payment providers: Online deposits are free and immediate, too.
  • Wire transfer: Due to bank processing times, wire transfer withdrawals and deposits take longer than all other payment options, which makes them more of a stopgap solution for traders without a credit card and online payment account.

StockPair works exclusively with government regulated payment providers, further increasing your security. In detail, StockPair works with these payment providers:

  • Piraeus Bank (Cyprus) Ltd
  • PowerCash21
  • Wirecard Bank AG
  • EMS B.V.
  • Safecharge Technologies Limited
  • Skrill Ltd.


StockPair offers more than 100 assets in four categories. These categories are:

  • Stocks: Apple, Air France-KLM, Amazon, BMW, Caterpillar, Facebook, Google, Deutsche Lufthansa, Twitter, etc.
  • Indices: AEX, CAC40, DAX, Dow Jones, FTSE. NASDAQ, S&P.
  • Commodities: gas, gold, oil, silver.

With this selection of assets, StockPair targets traders who want to invest in European and North American markets. For these markets, StockPair offers a wealth of assets, even exceeding the number of European and American stocks that other brokers with more than 200 assets offer.

On the other hand, StockPair does not offer Asian or South American stocks and indices. This has two effects:

  • Traders of European and North American assets will be happy with this decision – it removes many assets that would have only cluttered their trading platform.
  • Traders of Asian and South American stocks and indices or traders with an international approach will be disappointed. These traders might do better with a broker that offers more international assets, for example Banc De Binary.

For most new European and American traders, however, StockPair’s focused asset selection will help them to trade assets that they know from their daily experience, making the process easier for them.

Increase your profit with returns up to 85% with StockPair!


If StockPair is the right broker for you, you can get your own account by following these simple steps:

  1. Click the link we provided for you. It will take you to StockPair’s registration form.
  2. Fill out the form and click submit. Now you have an account.
  3. Fund your account. To start trading, you need money in your account. Deposit money by using one of the payment options we explained above.

The entire registration process should take you less than 5 minutes. If you know how to open an email account, you can open your binary option account with StockPair.


Our StockPair review concludes that StockPair is a 100% trustworthy binary options broker that offers the ideal service for traders of European and North American assets. For these traders, StockPair is the ideal broker because of these reasons:

  • StockPair offers the ideal selection of European and North American assets.
  • StockPair offers the ideal binary options to trade these assets effectively.
  • StockPair is regulated by the European Union, guaranteeing these traders that they get a secure and trustworthy service.

Additionally, StockPair’s pair options and KIKO options are a good reason for any trader to sign up with StockPair. If you can manage to fit the European stock exchanges’ trading times into your daily schedule or if you want to trade currencies and commodities anyway, StockPair is a broker that provides you with unique opportunities you can’t get anywhere else.